Totally "Out Of This World"

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

I've been on a fabric ban! For good reasons I promise!

Truth be told Its hard not adding to cart and confirming checkout every time a fabric supplier uploads a new fabric I love!

Ive seriously had to be hard on my self. So hard I would throw my phone across the other side of the room to stop endless amounts of scrolling and searching. (Id just like to add it was always a soft landing for my phone, although I understand this won't be the case one day. I will stop!! HAHA)

I am very grateful for those fabric suppliers. They do put a lot of thought and effort into picking the best fabrics suiting everybody's needs BUT I am sadly going to have to say goodbye. (Unless I see one I REALLY REALLY can't resist)

WHY?? Because I'm going to make great use of unicorn in mind's lovely slogan hashtag #unique .

I've felt for a while unicorn in mind was missing something. I couldn't think what it was until I was scrolling through the browse page on Instagram. Other small business used the same fabrics. I would see this over and over and over again. I decided back in February this had to change. It had to be more personal.

Then began my quest to find surface pattern designers to help me create my thoughts into something magical. It wasn't long before I found some (some found me)

Now I have a pretty amazing first bunch of magical 'out of this world' themed patterns ready to be printed onto fabric.

(Most will be dark colours)

Do you want to see?? Which is your favourite??

    Black crystals, Whats aliens see, blue planets, starlight constellations and mono doodles

Can you see the theme??? OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Rainbow teal, olive and black

with solid colours dark and light olive, baby blue and peach

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