Unicorn In Mind Was Born

Updated: May 18, 2019

Realistically, Unicorn In Mind was born from the moment the domain was brought.

After carefully deciding on the name of my new brand I very quickly decided to claim it.

Once I got that email to confirm on 07th of July 2018, it was only the beginning. The beginning of a journey I knew would be hard but very exciting. I looked forward to new challenges.

Next followed the logo. The unicorn was very important to me and my girls and with the final logo I felt this amazing emotional connection, I was ready to do more....

Our first appearance as Unicorn In mind was at a school fayre 6th July 2018. Customers were warming and supportive.

Followed by another, at my local summer fayre event 23rd June 2018 (which I attend every year as a member of the public) This was even more warming. Everyone was so enthusiastic it was an amazing feeling.

Next was a huge leap. To approach a shop, blossom and threads in brockley. Nadia didn't hesitate to say no. 15th sept 2018 our items were on her shelves. Nadia and her customers are very encouraging!

Im very happy with how our items are doing there.

Now this is the magical part about this blog.

Marshmallow!!!! She's a logo made into a real life mascot.

Her name was decided after a casual conversation with her creator Shannon.

After receiving a photo of a half created Unicorn, I replied with "OMG!!! She looks like a Marshmallow".... it all started to feel even more magical!!

Marshmallow was brought to me by Shannon and I couldn't help but burst into tears!! Happy tears!!! Im not huge on hugging but I had to give Shannon a huge hug. I was sooooo happy!!!

You have seen toy story right? I have this theory, marshmallow sprinkles magic dust over me while I sleep because I wake up almost daily with a new idea. She's just a lucky charm!!

Now she joins me at every fayre and takes every offer to be purchased a compliment!! (HAHA)

Creator of Marshmallow

Instagram @mockingbird_makes

Esty MockingbirdMakesCo

Email bespoke@mockingbirdmakes.co.uk

The last fayre of the year. 1st December 2018. I remember feeling so ill and rough but I seriously (and I mean seriously) enjoyed standing in the cold and damp weather. I had a few visitors even notice my logo and items from other local events and blossom and threads! Many peoples eyes lit up and dazed as fell in love with the navy blue pineapple print. I was glowing!!!! Many even asked "do you have a website?"

I knew it was time I sorted it once and for all...

1st January 2019 it was public. What a way to start the year.

"My website went public!!!!!" is what comes to mind when people ask me "How was your new year?" I just reply with "It was very productive.Yours??!!"

Preparing the website was an extremely challenging job as I didn't know how to structure it or the colours I wanted to use. Its only taken me over a year but its hear now....

and how satisfying it is search www.unicorninmind.co.uk

Very slowly items will be added, weekly!

...and don't forget to subscribe. You will be rewarded!!

Unicorn natz

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